Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Hydropath aims to help with water issues, that is why we have come up with a Swimming Pool Water Treatment to help with this problem.

The leisure industry is a demanding sector, with swimming pools requiring impeccable water clarity. Hydropath Technology can save water and energy by reducing backwash and use less chlorine, prevent algae build up, eliminate odour and reduce scum lines.

The Aquaklear P Range, the Aquaklear J62 and the Spaklear W63 provide the perfect solutions for this industry. Steam rooms and showers are also popular in leisure centres, hotels and gyms and the Steamklear S38 are perfect to prevent any limescale build-up.

Hydropath started in 1992 after founder Dr Danny Stefanini devised his theory on crystallisation and developed the first prototype model for treating limescale within the home. Hydropath is based in Nottingham, UK, and the family-run business is now the leading specialist in water care technology with more than one million units sold worldwide.

The technology transmits an electric signal 24 hours a day directly into the circulating water. Swimming Pool Water Treatment has a range of benefits that will make your pool cheaper and easier to run and more pleasant to use. It fits around the pipe and is suitable for all types of pipe material.

If you need a Swimming Pool Water Treatment then get in touch with Filfab Corporation today and see how we can help you.


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