HVAC Systems

HVAC systems frequently experience problems due to the build-up of hard limescale, leading to an increase in energy costs. Limescale can also cause blockages, impair valves or pumps and cause unsightly deposits on bathroom fittings, increasing maintenance time and costs. HydroFLOW® electronic water conditioners offer a chemical-free approach to treating both existing
and new limescale. They are an alternative to water softeners with the benefit of no ongoing replenishment costs, and the treated water remains potable.

A single HydroFLOW® unit can cover an entire system with its unique cluster-forming signal that travels through the plumbing network covering both hot and cold services, in order to protect shower, taps and fittings (making them easier to clean) as well as cylinders, boilers and heat exchangers.

Limescale Protection Commercial heating & Cooling
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