K40 Aquaklear

The HydroFLOW k40 Aquaklear is designed to improve the water quality of pools, hot tubs, and spas, and also ponds and other water bodies. Reducing bacterial levels and improving filtration in pools, spas and ponds leads to clearer and more pleasant water, a reduction in maintenance regimes and a reduction in backwash, making them both more pleasant to use and cheaper to run.

The HydroFLOW k40 Aquaklear has a range of benefits designed to make your system cheaper and easier to maintain, and more pleasant to use. The k40 is designed to reduce bacteria levels, to reduce hazardous chlorine use (and its unpleasant smell), and to help improve filtration for lower turbidity and reduced backwash.

The k40 fits easily around existing pipework, generally on the inlet to the pump and before the filter. The unit can be fitted around pipes of up to 63mm diameter and of any material with no plumbing required.

The K40 Aquaklear Product Brochure

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