I Industrial range

The I Range is designed for more challenging applications in industrial environments, which may suffer from a range of water treatment issues, and require limescale protection, flocculation, and biofouling control.

The Industrial Range is more powerful than the standard commercial unit. It features an integrated power supply, is fully waterproof, and is designed for ease of connection to mains power and building management systems. The i Range is designed to improve water quality and to prevent and remove hard limescale. Standard i Range units are available in various sizes to fit pipes of any material up to 200mm in diameter.

However, for a larger pipe size, HYDROPATH can design a unit specifically for your requirements in any of our commercial ranges. Custom units are installed around the world in an array of challenging environments and applications including aquaculture, wastewater treatment, and the mining industry. Whether it’s a 10-inch unit for a cooling tower, or a unit for a power station meters in diameter, HYDROPATH can meet your needs.

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